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THE STUDIO is located in the lower level of an old barn where pots are thrown on the potters wheel, handbuilt from slabs or handsculpted from both a dark red stoneware (formulated by Rebecca and Evan) and white stoneware clay bodies. The Behres also formulated the unique silky soft glazes which range in color from gentle whites and ivory, pastel yellows and greens, to deep greens and blues.


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  The Pottery is displayed in the barn's rustic  GALLERY on the second level where large windows overlook the grassy knoll where Evan & Rebecca got married more than 20 years ago. In cold weather, a large glass front woodstove warms the space with a friendly fire and, during the Holidays, the smell of hot spiced apple cider invites you inside. In warm weather, visitors are invited to take a walk in the garden with the chickens, or watch wild birds and enjoy nature from the hillside or in the open knoll below the barn from which geese, eagles, hawks and owls, among many kinds of birds, are often seen.

hosta leaf detail 




All Greenbridgewares are dishwasher safe & microwavable!

You can test drive  Greenbridgewares
at our favorite places to eat, drink & relax ...

Try a double cappucino with real whipped cream
at Bean Hollow Coffee & Cafe
in Ellicott City, MD...

or an ultimate arts & crafts bed & breakfast,
the Lake Pointe Inn, in McHenry, MD

or a cup of tea at
Great Sage, Organic Green Cuisine
in Clarksville,MD

Next time you visit the Gallery, ask to see the glaze room bathroom with its handmade Greenbridge Tile floor and sink

antique Chinese chest in which a handthrown Greenbridge cobalt glazed bowl has been set for a sink.

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